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SOC360 - your Cyber Security Operations Center.  your 24/7 security monitoring.  your best in class cybersecurity tools. Without investments.

We take care of cybersecurity so you can focus on your business.  

SOC360 brings you 24/7 monitoring, enterprice class cybersecurity tools, incident handling processes and expert team. Without investment.


Operational and tactical support services provided by specialized, dedicated team of security analysts who 24/7 detect, analyze and react to cybersecurity incidents.

Incident Handling Proces

customized to supported organisations according to their security policies and business context.

Technology stack

All the tools and systems that are necessary to detect threats and maintaint cyber-situational awareness are provided and managed within the service.


Operational capabilities

Call Center

Incident reports and requests for SOC360 services from customers received 24/7 via phone and email.

Monitoring of Security Systems

Permanent monitoring for alerts and suspisious events from supported cybersecurity systems. Tirage and initial analysis for potential security incidents. Tracking and reporting.

Event Triage and Analysis

Enriching the collected alert artifacts with contextual information. Data verification with Threat Inteligence sources. Search available data sources for related events. Analysis of the collected information for potential security incidents. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Incident Response

In-depth analysis of potential incidents determining its technical details, course and impact to the processes and resources of the organisation. Taking actions to contain the incident and eliminate the threat to the extent agreed, in accordance with the authorization. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Vulnerability Scanning

Managing the vulnerability scanning process. Analyzing the results, identifying the risks associated with the detected vulnerabilities and setting the priorities. Handling the vulnerability management process (tracking, progress analysis, escalation, reporting). Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Threat Hunting

Proactive, long-term analysis of events from available information sources for incidents indicators. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Threat Intel and Reporting

Analysis of Threat Intelligence information sources in terms of potential threats to the organization. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Security Systems Management

Management of the configuration of security systems, optimization of security policies and performance monitoring in the agreed scope, in accordance with the authorization. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.

Legal Support

Analysis of incidents in terms of legal consequences. Informing and reporting according to established escalation paths.


SOC360 Competitive Advantages

SOC360 analysts spend 30% of their time on improving competences in educational paths using commercial training platforms. This time is included in the schedule and staffing.

We are focused and always ready to take action. SOC360 is a team dedicated exclusively to activities related to the handling of security incidents.

Our team works 24/7, in a separate, secured room equipped with dedicated workstations.

SOC360 has a dedicated ICT infrastructure that is used solely for the purpose of carrying out incident handling tasks. We guarantee data security and privacy. Workstations and SOC360 systems remain cut off from other networks and their storage interfaces are locked.

In the processes of event selection, incident analysis and active threat detection, we use cross-verification of information from security systems in accordance with Gartner SOC Visibility Tirad (MDR, NTA, SIEM).

We constantly maintain situational awareness in the field of protected networks, criticality of resources and their impact on the business so that the incident handling process takes into account the context of the organization.

As part of the SOC360 services, we provide all the tools required to successfully implement the SOC mission. We use the highest class commercial tools and integrated open-source projects.

We provide each client with a project supervisor who is responsible for the high quality of services and is the main point of contact.

There is no tiers in our team. Delegation of tasks as part of incident handling takes place on the basis of competence, experience and specialization, within one team. Process roles are rotated to ensure the same level of experience across the team.

In the case of complex, important or large-scale incidents, we appoint an IR team to handle them so as to provide adequate resources and one point of contact.

We offer a selective selection of operational capabilities implemented by the SOC360 team to better support cooperation in the hybrid model.

We share knowledge. We provide operational training and trainings for people who maintain security on the client’s side. The training includes: processes and procedures, the use of tools, working together in the SOC360 team.

We believe that operational security is inextricably linked with business. That is why we provide the transfer of knowledge about the functioning of SOC at a level that allows making strategic decisions.

We work togeather with our clients in adapting SOC360 operational procedures to the needs of the organization, taking into account: security policies, escalation paths, incident context, impact on the systems and mission of the organization.

Customers can view our incident handling processes at every stage through our ticketing system and security system consoles. Our customers are welcome guests at the SOC360 Operations Center at any time.

SOC360 supports organizations regardless of their size, area of operation, location and structure. Our offer is adjusted to the number of protected endpoints and the price is proportional to the size of the environment.

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