Next Generation Security Operations Center as a Service

MDR+ service built on
Not lines and playbooks.
SOC360 is


WITHOUT investment

We take care of your company’s cyber security so you can focuson business.  

Based on cybersecurity experts, artificial intelligence, proven processes and effective technologies, we provide WITHOUT INVESTMENT immediate protection for businesses and companies, as well as support and relief for security teams through, among other things. Proactive monitoring, event analysis and incident response.
We stop bad guys while you’re on your mission.

Cyber threats in numbers

€150 000

Average value of ransom paid in ransomware attacks


Company resources are in electronic form

$20 MLD

Losses suffered by companies worldwide from Ransmoware attacks alone in 2022

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What makes us stand out ?

Author's educational program

SOC360 analysts devote 30% of their time every day, as part of their job duties, to improving competencies by implementing a proprietary educational program using commercial knowledge sources and training environments. This time is included in the schedule and shift staffing.

Dedicated team of analysts

We are on constant alert. SOC360is a team dedicated exclusively to security incident handling activities.

24x7 availability

Our team works 24/7, in a separate, secure room equipped with dedicated workstations. We guarantee the security and privacy of your data. SOC360workstations and systems remain isolated from other networks, and their storage interfaces are locked.

Dedicated infrastructure

SOC360has a dedicated ICT infrastructure that is used exclusively for incident handling tasks.

Cross verification of events

In the processes of event selection, incident analysis, and proactive threat detection, we use cross-checking of information from security systems in accordance with Gartner SOC Visibility Tirad (MDR, NTA, SIEM).

Constant situational awareness

We constantly maintain situational awareness of protected networks, criticality of resources and their business impact to ensure that the incident handling process takes into account the context of the organization.

Security systems in the subscription service

As part of the SOC360platform, we provide all the tools required to successfully carry out the SOC mission. We use top-of-the-line commercial tools and open-source projects integrated by our team.

Integration with customer systems

The SOC360 platform can be integrated with customers’ security solutions, fill gaps in visibility where needed, or provide complete coverage of threat detection needs for organizations that do not have their own systems.

Dedicated caregiver

We put a project supervisor at the disposal of each client, who is responsible for quality service and is the main point of contact.

Selected best technologies

We also work and manage with cybersecurity platforms such as Microsoft Security Suite, Microsoft Defender, Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Microsoft Sentinel, Check Point, CrowdStrike, Carbon Black, SPLUNK, ESET and many others.

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